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The Cold Open #39-The Great Pumpkin/Scary Movies Edition

In The Cold Open #39, The Great Pumpkin/Scary Movies Edition, Kynde Kiefel, Robert Sickels, and special guest star Kathryn Frank begin with their responses to Todd Phillips’ Joker, which Kynde loves and Robert most definitely does not. They then delve into a discussion about the scariest movies they’ve seen in a movie theatre, which includes Attack the Block, The Omen, The Love Witch, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Pan’s Labyrinth, Let the Right One In, The Blair Witch Project, Lady Vengeance, Us, Hereditary and a ton of others.  Our intro this edition is Jerry Goldsmith’s “Ave Satini” from the Omen Soundtrack and our outro is Luniz’s “I Got 5 On It (Tethered Mix featuring Michael Marshall)” from the Us Soundtrack. The Cold Open is on Apple Podcasts, so please rate it and subscribe to it so you can both help others find us and also have all The Cold Open goodness delivered to you immediately upon release!