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The Cold Open #34–The Generational Films Edition

In The Cold Open #34, The Generational Films Edition, Matt Reynolds, Robert Sickels, and Kynde Kiefel discuss generational defining films.  This was inspired by a recent assignment in an Intro to Film Class in which half the students wrote on either The Perks of Being a Wallflower or Love, Simon.  While these are beloved films for teens and early twenty somethings, they don’t necessarily appeal to older audiences in the same way, but they aren’t supposed to.  So it got us thinking: what are some films that we think defined our generations (X for Matt and Robert, cusp Millennial for Kynde)?  The only rule was no John Hughes’ films, because duh.  We discuss the following eight films at length: Best in Show, Slacker, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Valley Girl, Vision Quest, Blue Velvet, Brain Candy, and Pump Up The Volume.  Our intro this edition is Journey’s “Only the Young” from the Vision Quest soundtrack and our outro is Bonnie Hayes and the Wild Combo’s “Girls Like Me,” from the Valley Girl soundtrack.  The Cold Open is on iTunes, so please rate it and subscribe to it as you can both help others find us and also have all the Cold Open goodness delivered to you immediately upon release!