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The Cold Open #33–The Pop Culture Deal Breakers/Fiery Passion Edition.

In The Cold Open #33, The Pop Culture Deal Breakers/Fiery Passion Edition, Matt Reynolds, Robert Sickels, and Kynde Kiefel discuss a litany of their pop culture deal breakers, including the way art and artists are depicted in film & TV, critical disdain for what’s popular, online celebrities, Mark Wahlberg, CNN, Trump surrogates (especially Jason Miller & Jack Kingston), NPR both siderism, Mel Gibson’s torture porn, movies that disregard the time space continuum, Matthew McConaughey, the sad lack of contemporary rom coms, the Netflix algorithm, babies and weddings on TV shows, and Angelina Jolie.  Our intro this edition is Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch’s “Good Vibrations (feat. Loleatta Holloway)” from their epic 1991 album Music For the People and our outro is “Wildside,” from the same opus.  The Cold Open is on iTunes, so please rate it and subscribe to it as you can both help others find us and also have all the Cold Open goodness delivered to you immediately upon publication!