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The Cold Open #23–The Maximum Security Media Edition

In the Cold Open #23, the Maximum Security Media Edition, Matt Reynolds and Robert Sickels reveal the five essential pieces of media they’d each choose to have for the rest of their lives were they forced to make that choice.  In addition to innumerable digressions about a little bit of everything, this includes discussions on the output of The Fall and The Avett Brothers, Max Ophüls’ The Earrings of Madame de…, the films of Jimmy Stewart, The Simpsons, The Oakland Athletics via MLB.tv, Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain, the collected works of Jane Austen, the films of Robert Altman, and the collected works of Ed Brubaker.  Our outro this episode is The Avett Brothers’ “Open Ended Life.”  The Cold Open is on iTunes, so feel free to subscribe to it and have all the Cold Open goodness delivered to you immediately upon publication!