Whitman College FMS

The Cold Open #19-The Winter is Coming Edition

In The Cold Open Podcast #19, The Winter is Coming Edition, Matt Reynolds and Robert Sickels start with an old man digression about weather that unexpectedly leads to our naming our favorite gambling movies, Robert Altman’s California Split and John Dahl’s Rounders.  We then go into a spoiler heavy break down of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar as a singular film and in the context of both his career and science fiction films in general.  This is followed by our takes on Josh Radnor’s Liberal Arts, which, as professors at a small residential liberal arts college, is more than a little bit in our wheel house.  We touch briefly on Dear White People and other college set films before concluding with Robert’s obsession with the video game Shadow of Mordor and Matt pledging to play The Last of Us from start to finish, which we’ll discuss in a future pod.  In homage to Mike Nichols, our outro this episode is Simon & Garfunkle’s “Sound of Silence,” a director both Matt and Robert adore.   The Cold Open is on iTunes, so feel free to subscribe to it and rate it!