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The Cold Open #16–The TV of Our Lives Edition

In The Cold Open Podcast #16, The TV of Our Lives Edition, Matt Reynolds and Robert Sickels, two latchkey kids raised on TV, begin by discussing World Cup Soccer before moving on to the TV they’ve watched in their lives in five year intervals beginning at age five (1972 for Robert, 1974 for Matt). This sprawling discussion details the dramatic changes in the way TV is consumed that have occurred since the early 1970s–from 3 channels, appointment viewing, and no cable to consolidation and convergence to our time shifted heavily streamed, digital present–and also covers a huge number of shows from every era and genre of TV over the last 40+ years.  Our outro this week is “Interjections,”  Essra Mohawk’s Schoolhouse Rock classic.  The Cold Open is on iTunes, where you may subscribe and leave feedback!